No Tomato Left Behind

I have a policy on the farm.  A "No Tomato Left Behind Policy."

I cannot bare to waste one little tomato. They aren't allowed in the refrigerator. So... I figure ways to use them so we have tomatoes for the coming year.

My favorite way to use tomatoes and not waste is just dehydrating them. Then, I have "sun-dried" tomatoes for the year. And seriously folks, it is like a little kiss from summer all year long.

I use them in salads, soups, stews, breads, juices, dips and more. My Garden Shadow likes them as chips. And let me tell you, the girl is brilliant. Use as chips dipped in cashew "cream cheese." Dreamy. Dreamy I tell you.

On the trail. Dried tomatoes. Just plain old dried tomatoes makes my tongue and belly happy.

Just good stuff!

Alone or as an ingredient. Not one goes to waste. We always seem to just make it to next summer.

Go crazy here.  So tell me... What's your favorite way to enjoy "sun-dried" tomatoes?

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Gather those tomatoes and wash clean. I have a scrub brush that I use to gently scrub mine.

I slice mine about 1/3rd of an inch wide.

Put in a big ol' bowl.

Add salt, pepper and italian seasoning to taste.

Stir until well combined. I use my hand. Cooking and prepping food is a tactile experience for me.
I taste until I am absolutely certain the flavor is perfect. This may take several mouth fulls. :)

Place on dehydrater trays until all are full. I have 8 racks I fill so I have to cut and refill bowl several times. (You will have juice left over. I use it in soup or to sauté veg. Or to drink. Choose your thrill.)

Fill that puppy up and turn it to 225 degrees. I let mine go at least 24 hours and continue to check every few hours until they are crisp. I admit I do quality control each time I check because I can't resist.

Pull them off the tray and store in airtight container.

I use a jar. When it is full I add a couple of oxygen absorbers to keep them nice and fresh and dry. Use them in your recipes or like the Garden Shadow so brilliantly does, as a chip. A chip with mighty flavor!

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