If you could would you...

If you could, would you...Photo: A pink sunset at Half Dome in Yosemite
hike to the top of half dome in the dark just to see the sun rise?

If you could, would you...

stand at the rim of the Grand Canyon just to marvel at it's grandeur?

If you could, would you...
Durian fruit
eat this?

French Black Truffles
taste that?

If you could, would you...                                                                                                                                    

plant a garden with a small child so they can watch it grow?

Would you...
Elderly man and boy hold hands. Photograph: Henry Wolf/ Getty Images
hold the hand of a loved one and sit in silence through the night just to let them know you are there?

Would you...
climb this rock?

catch this wave?

Observing the stars... (Credit: To the rightful owner)
Stop in your tracks on a midnight walk to stare at the stars and bask in their vastness?

If you could, would you...

work on your splits no matter your age?

Would you...
stand on the moon,

dancing in field
dance a silly groove,

chase the fireflies,

learn to paint like one of the masters?

Would you...

drop everything and rush to their side because you deeply love them?

Would you...

drink in their silliness night after night,

tickle their toes,

make a blanket fort and let it stay up for weeks?

Would you...

show them what love is by loving them first?

If you could, would you...

give sacrificially,

Old Couples in Love Are So Cute
love unconditionally (that includes loving yourself),

and always remember, your dreams are relevant no matter what age you are?

Life offers us many adventures, great and small. Embrace them. Make opportunities. Share them. And most importantly, do something that scares you, or terrifies you. Every day. For this is where we find ourselves vulnerable. And that, my friends, is where the bread gets buttered. When we are vulnerable, we allow others to see us in a place where we offer the truth about ourselves. Vulnerability is not a weakness. It is, if I may, an "honesty". It is powerful. It is an offering of our true selves. And that, I believe, should be applauded!

Take risks, live in gratitude, do what you love. This is where joy resides. And let that joy bubble up and infect others.

Enjoy life, wear a super hero cape as much as possible, and be sure to bring others with you!