Mater Juice

Tomato juice. So simple. So quick. And so tasty!

When I am working in the garden during the summer I crave it.  My mouth just watered thinking about it.  Seriously!

And the great thing is it is really quick to make. I know you are thinking that cleaning up the juicer is a pain but if you prep ahead, it is really easy!  Promise.

Mater Juice

3 Large Tomatoes (I prefer heirloom varieties)
1 pepper (ancho, poblano, serrano, jalepeno or anaheim)
2 stalks celery
salt to taste

1. Fill sink with warm water and a few drops of soap.

2. Juice in this order: tomatoes, pepper, celery, cutting veg to fit into your juicers chute.

3. Stir taste and add salt to taste. 

4. DO NOT let that juicer sit. Take it apart, scrape the veg into your compost or trash and put immediately into the sink water. Scrub each piece quickly, rinse and set on towel to air dry. Should take less than 3 minutes.

5. Drink that juice. Enjoy!

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