If You Give this Mom a Tomato...

If you give this mom a tomato, she's gonna ask for a knife.

When you give her the knife, she'll make Tomato Jam.

When she is finished, she will ask for another tomato.
Then, she'll slice it and make Tomato Pie.

When she smells the Tomato Pie, it will remind her of pizza
which will make her want to make Tomato Sauce.

So, she'll ask for another tomato.
When she is finished,she'll immediately ask for another-
She'll start making Salsa.
She might get carried away and make a lot of Salsa.
She may even make some Fire Roasted Salsa as well.

When she's finished,
she'll probably want another tomato.
You'll have to give her one with some eggplant and peppers.
She'll dig in making herself some Grilled Ratatouille

She'll surely ask for another tomato.
So you'll get one and slice it for her and she'll ask to see.
When she sees it she'll get so excited because it will make her want "Sun-dried" Tomatoes.
She'll ask for the Dehydrater.
She'll dehydrate them.
When drying is finished, she''ll want to eat some on a plate.

Then, she'll want another tomato so she can make

Which means she'll need the knife. 
She'll cut it, stand back, look at it and that will remind her that she is thirsty.
So... she'll ask for Tomato Juice.

And chances are, if she asks for a glass of Tomato Juice,
You'll be getting another tomato for whatever is next.

And that, my friends, is what tomato season looks like on our family farm.

Inspired by:
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

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  1. These photos made my mouth water. Words cannot express how much I love tomatoes. Tomato pie! What a great idea. I've never had that before.