What's your Talent?

I was sitting in the kitchen with the Spy (my 5-year-old boy) a few weeks ago, and we were discussing food. He commented that his oldest brother is the best griller in the world. I responded that, yes, he is  indeed good at that. The Spy then said, "That's his talent." Hmmm... I was impressed.

I asked if he knew what a talent was. He responded, "A talent is what you are good at doing."

It was so clear in his mind, so I pressed him for more information. I wanted to know what he thought his talent was.  "I am good at jumping. Really high, and off of high things."  I had to agree. The boy has a knack for that. James Bond ain't got nuthin' on my Spy.

And then I asked what he thinks his father's talent is. "Daddy's talent is loving you, Mommy." My heart melted. I was so thrilled he could see that in the way his father looks at me and cares for me. I know that will play a huge part in how he treats his wife.

Next was the Garden Shadow (his 2yo little sister). I had to know what he saw as her talent. "Her talent is biting." We won't go in to details on this. I think you get the picture.

I then asked, "And what is Mimi's talent?" He quickly replied, "Mom, Mimi is just an old lady, they don't have talents."

Don't worry. I didn't leave it at that. We did discuss the fact that age doesn't play a part in talents. But I was amazed that he would think that. Out of the mouth of babes...

We went through the whole family. Then, finally, I asked what I had been dying to know. I selfishly wanted to know what this precious little boy thought that my talent was. "Mommy, your talent is cooking. You cook really good food." Sweet, right?! I smiled, hugged him, and told him how I loved to cook good food for him and family and friends, and I was glad that he liked my cooking.

But deep down, I was convicted. Convicted that the first thing that came to my youngest son's mind as being my talent was cooking and not loving.

Christ did not call me to be a good cook.


  1. You shouldn't feel bad. I grew up with a mom who never cooked and that caused me poor decisions and health issues such as being overweight my whole life. To me, when you cook for someone It's not about the food, it's about the love you put into it. I'm sure your children know you love them!

  2. You are kind. And I know my children know I love them. I just don't want them to ever think that I put cooking and food above them. I do love making people feel loved because I cook their favorite thing or create something for them especially. It was just one of those moments where your child says something that really made me think. And made me want love even more deeply. I was thankful for the moment, really.

  3. What did he say my talent was? Being a dork? Falling down on roller-skates?

  4. And I know you love me and my bros FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR (see what I did there?) more than cooking AMAZING food.

  5. I enjoyed reading this beautiful post. Remember, hospitality is considered a Spiritual gift. Perhaps your Spy was right afterall.

    By the way, I came here by way of your guest post on Happy Herbivore. I love how you've managed to get your entire family involved in your heathful eating challenge. Very inspiring.

  6. To a little boy food and love are all intertwined. The food Momma makes for them when they are little will be remembered their whole lives.

    Love the Happy Herbivore post you did!