Little bites of my week remembered

We have a new family member! We couldn't be happier. I have a new sister and my kids have a new aunt. She is a gem! Isn't she gorgeous? (Yes, my boys are dressed as the 10th and 11th Doctors)

Aren't they precious? This is a picture of the first few steps together as a married couple.

The Spy created a new Doctor. I guess we will call him the 12th Doctor. Do you like his Sonic Screwdriver. I like how the Doctor toned it down and made his screwdriver unsuspicious. Very Spy like indeed.


He delights me. And his father does as well. How could you not love those faces?

Yep. The Garden Shadow. Beautiful. This tiny moment of her sitting  so sweetly. I never want to forget it.

My oldest. I call her The Artist. She is breathtaking. And very difficult to capture on film. I got her!

Bubble Wars. The best part of the night. People got fierce with their bubbles.

The morning of their wedding, my orchid bloomed. A kiss from God. And that is what I consider the wedding and celebration of our growing family. A kiss from God. So beautiful. And these little moments... I am so glad I have a place to document it. I never want to forget. The looks on their faces. All of our faces as we embrace each other. Our family. Our beautiful, wacky, fun-loving family.

That was the highlight of my week. How about you? What are you wanting to never forget and embrace from this past week? 


  1. Your family is gorgeous and you are an amazing photographer! God bless all of you and best wishes to the newly weds!

    1. Thank you! It was an amazing day that we have been looking forward to for a long time!